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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the Banquet being held outdoors?
    1. The banquet is being held outdoors so that we do not have to limit numbers. Capacity was the main motivation. Council restrictions and some banquet halls limits would greatly affect our attendance and it brought uncertainty. We realized that numbers associated with an indoor banquet would only allow for officers, staff, vigil candidates, and a very low number of others. To help with combating the cold we moved the time to be more of a lunch event so the sun is still up. The event will be kept to two hours so that we are outside during the warmest part of the day. 
    2. Our main inspiration for an outdoor event was from when Covid first started to impact indoor dining. Restaurants opened their patios, and often created new ones so that they could continue to have business. When winter came, this didn’t stop people from dining outside. With heaters spread throughout, patios remained filled into the winter months. 
  2. What all is included/activities?
    1. We are asking everyone to arrive at Beaumont no earlier than noon. The program of the banquet will begin at 1pm. The lodge will have fire pits and propane heaters throughout the field. We will also have hot chocolate and smores kits available before, during and after the banquet
  3. What is the contingency plan if there is inclement weather?
    1. A “Go / No Go” decision will be made by banquet leadership by Noon the day prior. Several factors will be taken into consideration when making this decision. This includes the overall weather forecast, temperature, precipitation, road conditions.
    2. A makeup date is scheduled for Sunday January 16th, 2022. All tickets purchased for the original date will be valid for the makeup date.
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